Welcome to Ayrshire Guitar Repair’s brand new website.

This will be where you can book your guitar, bass or other fretted instrument in for a setup, repair or customisation. You’ll find prices for all work and also great information on how your guitar works, the tweaks that can improve them and why.
You’ll be able to follow the progress of the work being done on your instrument using your instrument’s own online form and see pictures of before and after the work.
For the moment you can see a basic price list for setups with some info attached, look at setup info sheets from previous work (the new system will be greatly improved to these) and contact Scott if you are interested in getting any work done on your guitar now

Examples of work

Click on any of the posts below to be redirected to the Ayrshire Guitar Repair Facebook page to see the photos.

An interesting job was this Arabic Oud that had to have a lot of work done to get it playing again ...

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12 months ago

Ayrshire Guitar Repair

A bit of metalwork required on a new bridge fit a Gordon Smith guitar. It's a stop tail and basic bridge in one so intonation screws have to be added ...

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A very special guitar: a Martin from the 1920s. The back of this one had started to separate from the body so I had to, very carefully, remove some of the binding, clean the old glue out, reglue and reattach the binding. Some more cosmetic repairs and fret levelling and it was ready to return. ...

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Spot what's up with this Epiphone Les Paul. ...

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Just to prove the name "Ayrshire Guitar Repair" isn't for nothing. Here's a guitar that arrived in an IKEA bag and returned a nearly new guitar. ...

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Customer setup info access

When I get a chance to get round to it customers will be able to get detailed information about the work done on their guitar here.


If you’re looking to get in contact with Scott to get some work done or simply have a query you can use one of the contact options below.

Address: 10 Glenpark Place,

Phone: 07878 526 847

Email: scott@ayrshireguitarrepair.co.uk